Green Business Schemes

What initiatives, funding opportunities or support organisations exist that you can get involved in as a business to become greener?

  • The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is the energy efficiency support service for SME’s companies in England, Wales and Scotland. The fund has been made available to encourage and support SME’s to become more sustainable and operate in a more environmentally stable way. By means of providing energy assessments, training workshops, and equipment procurement support and up to £5000 of capital contribution per company towards energy saving, the overarching aim is to provide SME’s with an incentive to take action on how they can become greener.

  • One of the Mayor’s priorities is to ensure that we are improving the Capital’s environment. As such, the Mayor has committed to implementing a range of projects and funding.

    Greener City Fund

    Mayor of London Energy Efficiency Fund (MEEF): the project will involve the establishment of an urban development fund to provide support for low carbon infrastructure. MEEF will invest, by way of loans and equity investments, projects that will help to achieve London’s own carbon strategic ambition of 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025.

    Financial Instrument Update – Mayors Energy Efficiency Fund and the London SME Fund

  • The London Waste and Recycling Board work with partner waste management organisations with a combined aim of reducing waste in the Capital. They also work very closely with SME’s to encourage them to operate more sustainably.

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  • Smart Green Business is an exciting new initiative for businesses. The initiative provides professional advice and support to introduce up to seven different environmental services to business. Team London Bridge are a partner in the London-wide initiative, allowing our members to benefit from the range of services including travel planning advice, waste recycling schemes and ways in which businesses can save substantial amounts of money by engaging in these green practices.

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  • Global Action Plan is an independent environmental charity which helps businesses reduce their environmental footprint.

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  • Liberis are an organisation who support business growth. They have put together a simple guide on their website which outlines how you can operate ore sustainably as a business.

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  • Carbon Footprint are an organisation who focus on carbon reduction management for small businesses. They are able to carry out assessments on your carbon footprint, put together a carbon reduction plan, tell you how much your business could save and much more.

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